UnixNPI is a package installer for NewtonOS-based handheld computers. It is written in C, should compile on most Unices (including Mac OS X), and currently communicates only via the serial port. It communicates with the built-in Dock/Connection app included in NewtonOS.

Download release 1.1.4 (source tarball only)
Precompiled binary for Win32 with cygwin1.dll (required)
Precompiled binary for NeXT - compiled by Jerome Vernet

The original UnixNPI was written by Richard C.I. Li of the Hong Kong NUG (Newton User Group). He released the source under the GPL after being asked by Chayim Kirshen on the linux-ppc mailing list. Chayim passed the source off to me, with a promise that I would set up a Sourceforge project and the like.

The project page at SourceForge


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